City of Mill Creek installing RRFB lighting to increase pedestrian safety

RRFB Lights

RRFB Lights

In the Fall 2012 newsletter released by the City of Mill Creek, is was highlighted that the City is in the process of installing new crosswalk signs and lights. These are new Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (or, RRFB) that you’ll find at some of the more busy and high traffic crosswalks as a result of the pedestrian crosswalk safety upgrade. The lights feature flashing LEDs that, when activated, are meant to let oncoming drivers know that a pedestrian is either about to cross the street, or is in the crosswalk already. It’s important to note that these are not stop signs–they are meant as a warning for drivers, but pedestrians should still practice standard safety procedures when crossing. You know, stop and look both ways.

You can find the new lights installed at Mill Creek Blvd. and 161st St., with more to come at Heatherwood Middle School at Trillium Blvd., by Red Cedar at 148th St., and on Seattle Hill Road between Highlands and Parkside.

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